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Bearfoot Enduro

Photos by Mike Behrens

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TM rider on minute 6. Either David or Paul Barsanti.

Drew Wigington approaching the last switchback on the downhill of the Little Sullivan/Crackerbox connector.

Charlie Stanley

Mark Hickmott

Rider not identified

Rider not identified

Christopher Rose

Darrel "Lamonica" Jacobs

Crystal Johnson

Dylan Wold

Jamie Wells

Charlie Coiner

Anthony Godrich

Douglas Fugere enroute to a second place in C-250

Ryan Thoma

Mike Parsons

Samantha Parsons

Tamara Parsons

Former Championship Enduro Steward and current Polka Dots club president Bret Eckert floats his way through the riverbed

Alex Dorsey

Jim Dorsey is next in line at a bottleneck at the end of the riverbed

Moto Art

Morgan Dorsey, 3rd Place Boys 10-12

Andres "Capt'n Courageous" Ruggerio shows the speed he used to capture a zero for the day and first place A Sportsman by three seconds!

Moto Art

Ryan Boardman, 2nd place Boys 10-12

This looks to be Matt Winslow enroute to a 1st place in Boys 10-12

...and this looks to be Tim Winslow enroute to a 1st place in Pee Wee class with a total score of five!

Ray Feldman and Franklin Benjamin looking to zero Check 8 on Minute 25

Two more riders at Check 8

Angela Kaiser getting scored at Check 8

Mike and Samantha Parsons

Bud Page

Jim Boardman and Blair Pine zeroing Check 8 to the second. In fact, they zeroed the entire course to the second and tied for Overall victory!

Former Championship Enduro Steward and current Polka Dots club president Bret Eckert

The Polkabla family (46) brought the Kendricks (second row) to their first enduro. Looks like they left mom in the dust. Taka Polkabla, 46c, 1st place Girls 13-15.

Looks like mom, Jennifer Polkabla, was doing A-Ok. She went on to take 2nd in Women's Vet class.

Riders not identified

Rider not identified

Samantha Armstrong

Kristina Pengelly on the gas!

Jay and Johnny Rogers

Rider not identified

Megan Armstrong

Kudos to the trials rider


RRMC sweepers Marc DeMarco and Enzo Ferrara

Hats off to first year RRMC Competition Director, Scott Rose. From the feedback we've gotten, I'd say he did pretty darn good job!